This is going to be so much fun!!

I’m Leslie and I am here to give you the low down on bots and see if working with me would be a good fit for your business!

But first – – What is a BOT?

A bot is a digital “robot” messenger program that can answer questions, give customers options and provide automated responses, and lead your customers on a journey through your business.

They are not a replacement for real human interaction, but rather a way to streamline getting that conversation started so you can focus on what you really want, leads and sales!  Your business will benefit greatly from a bot, so let’s get the fun started!

Bots simply provide a 2-way interactive experience to help a user achieve a goal, be it to get help, learn something or buy a product.

Chatbots (or Bots for short) are starting to pop up everywhere you turn.
Forbes magazine wrote that “chatbots will be your new best friend,” but even if that’s not the case, a Bot certainly could be your business’s best new team member.

Bots run on existing messenger apps, most frequently on Facebook Messenger, which has about 1.5 BILLION active monthly users. Needless to say, you want to be where your customers are, and it has become clear that Bots are the future not only for support, but also for sales and marketing.

Bots are great for Marketing, Sales and Support!

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